Só Luxury Clean - Lemon Square
Só Luxury Clean - Lemon Square

Só Luxury Clean - Lemon Square

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Só Clean - Lemon Square is an eco-friendly, mutli-purpose household washing square! Great for dishes, counters and laundry!

Ingredients: Sodium Cocoate* (Moisturizer & Lather), Sodium Castorae* (Cleansing Emulsifier), Sodium Sunflowerseedate* (Cleansing Surfactant), Sodium Bicarbonate** (Cleansing & Deodorizer), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Surfactant), D-Limonene* (Degreaser), Citric Acid* (Water Softener), Glycerin (Moisturizer).

*Plant Based **Mineral Based

How to Use

Directions: Wet Só Home - Bamboo Sisal Brush, Só Loofah or cloth and rub Só Clean - Lemon Square in a circular motion to create suds. Use warm water for best results. Allow to dry between use for longevity. Do not let sit in standing water or on wet surface to prolong life.


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