DYP Wool Dryer Balls
DYP Wool Dryer Balls

DYP Wool Dryer Balls

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DYP Wool Dryer Balls - 3 Pack
  • Reduce Drying Time
  • Reduce Static and Wrinkles
  • Replace Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets
  • Ethically Sourced and Cruelty-Free Canadian Wool

Place all three balls in the dryer at the same time.  The wool absorbs the moisture while the balls are circulating the laundry.  This is what reduces your drying time by 30-50% and well as wrinkles.  While the wool is absorbing the moisture it is creating a humid environment.

Care Instructions:
Simply leave your dryer balls in the dryer or the package provided.  We suggest that you wash your dryer balls once every 6 months to a year.  This will help them last for longer. Made in Canada


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