Woash Wellness Revive Tea
Woash Wellness Revive Tea
Woash Wellness Revive Tea

Woash Wellness Revive Tea

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Detox | Cleanse | Energize | Focus

A rejuvenating blend of crisp green tea, bold ginger and a hint of citrus designed to naturally detoxify the liver, replenish physical and mental energy and increase cognitive function. 


SERVINGS:  12 - 16 cups / 35 g 

Organic Ingredients:

Organic Sencha green tea - Origin China
Increases energy and stimulates cognitive function, boosts metabolism (to aid in detoxifying toxins). It also fights off damaged cells thanks to high antioxidant levels. 

Organic Ginger - Origin Sri Lanka
Helps reduce nausea, soothe digestion, anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system.

Organic Milk thistle - Origin USA
The most well known natural liver detoxifier and rejuvenator! Milk thistle can also re-stabilize blood sugar levels.

Organic Lemon peel - Origin Sri Lanka
Rich in vitamin C, contains trace amounts of vitamins and minerals to help restore levels after depletion and contains bio- flavonoids to help remove toxins.

Organic Gingko leaf - Origin China
The most well known brain-boosting herb! It’s known to improve cognitive function, support healthy brain function, improve focus and memory retention, lower anxiety and reduce stress on the brain.

Organic Calendula flower - Origin Egypt
This floral ingredient is high in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which makes it so calming on our muscles!


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