Woash Wellness Period Tea
Woash Wellness Period Tea
Woash Wellness Period Tea

Woash Wellness Period Tea

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Relieve Menstrual Cramps | Replenative | Improved Uterine Health | Calming

A simple blend featuring the number one herb used for centuries to combat menstrual cramps and improve uterine health by strengthening the muscle fibres –paired with mineral rich nettle and calming lemon balm to support you all month long - period.

Expecting / Postpartum: This tea blend is also great for second and third trimester, and postpartum has properties to strengthen the uterine muscle fibres and milk inducing properties


SERVINGS:  16 - 20 cups / 20 g

Organic Ingredients:

Organic Raspberry leaf - Origin Albania 
Known for relieving menstrual pain due to its plant compound, fragarine –– it tightens our pelvic region and eases cramps caused by muscle spasms in the area. Also known to balance heavy and irregular bleeding. 

Organic Stinging nettle leaf - Origin Albania
A powerful ingredient commonly used to improve women’s overall health. Known to balance and support a healthy menstrual system, improve iron levels and build strong nails, hair, bones and teeth.

Organic Lemon balm - Origin Albania
A go-to herb for all things digestion during your period. May relieve bloating, gas, cramps and headaches


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