The Process

  • The Concept

Starting with direction is not always necessary but definitely helpful. With the internet and social media at our finger tips today, many clients have done research and/or have been collecting inspirations of beautiful rings and gemstones. From these images collected, we are able to identify key elements of design that the client is commonly drawn to help “narrow” the vision. And rather than copy, we prefer to take inspiration from images to help the client create a one-of-a-kind ring concepts that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle.


  • The Budget

A common yet impossible question we are often presented with is “what kind of cost am I looking at to custom design”? As you would expect, a designer or custom crafted ring is typical going to cost a bit more than a mass produced. This is because the quality of craftsmanship and the attention to detail is going to be extremely higher. But this is often why people are coming to us in the first place. Once we have a design direction and gemstone option narrowed down we can begin to present cost options in metals and gemstone size and quality’s. We always do our best to help our clients stay within their budget. We do not charge for our design time and expertise, and will never sacrifice the quality of craftsmanship.


  • The Design

I always tell my clients that custom design is defiantly a “leap of faith” to some degree…but so much FUN! Once all the design details and budget have been determined, we would then present loose gemstone options allowing the client to choose their favorite in shape, quality, size and price. From here we present a CAD (computer aided design) image and/or sketch for the client’s approval. Minor design changes are made if needed at this point. And if you are not confidant with the image alone, we would present the wax model for you to get up close and personal with.


  • The Craft

The design in only the beginning to having a beautiful ring. It is the final steps of a goldsmith’s craftsmanship that truly unveils the essence of the design. The quality of craftsmanship is critical to us. We take pride in only working with Canada's premier goldsmiths to create wearable art that pour clients will take pride in wearing for years to come.