Diamond Certifications

A certified diamond involves more than one Certified Graduate Gemologists from a lab, independently assessing and agreeing on the color, clarity, cut and carat weight (4C's) of the diamond. This helps reduce the possibility for human error when determining the final grade for the diamond and also provides the buyer and seller an independent educated opinion on the diamonds quality.

A certification however is not automatically a guarantee on the beauty of the diamond...and is not always necessary. At Concept Jewelry Design, we would never buy a diamond without seeing it just based on the certification alone. We can personally examine 20 potential diamonds for a client and reject all but 5 upon close inspection of each.

The best approach to buying a diamond is to use your own "educated" opinion .We will provide you with the proper knowledge to help you understand diamond grading and value before you buy. This way you can choose the diamond that is best for you with total confidence!