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June Birthstone: Alexandrite, Pearl and Moonstone

June Birthstone: Alexandrite, Pearl and Moonstone

Alexandrite is a member of the chrysoberyl family. It consists mostly of beryllium aluminum oxide, but traces of chromium creat the magic touch that causes alexandrite's color change. This is what makes this gem "pleochroic", with typical colors of green, orange, and purple-red. Different light exposure, either in fluorescent or incandescent, is what causes this pleochroic gem to display these different colors.

Pearls are an incredible feat of nature and are found both in fresh and salt water. The luster of a pearl is what many jewelers look for first when selecting these beauties. As pearl bearing mollusks are very sensitive, they produce the highest quality pearls when their environments are free of stress and pollution. Akoya pearls exhibit an almost mirror-like luster, making them the finest of all salt water cultured pearls.

Moonstone's adularescence is its most captivating quality. The phenomenon, a soft glow that seems to roll across the gem, happens when moonstone's thin, flat layers scatter light. The finest moonstones possess a colorless, semitransparent to nearly transparent appearance and vivid blue adularescence.

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