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Johanna Brierley Exclusive Trunk Show Lookbook

Johanna's work is increasingly process driven, influenced by her passion for sourcing exceptional and antique gemstones, as well as by the world around us. Her approach is cross-disciplinary, working backward from her passion for exploring unique places and collecting interesting objects.

Johanna Brierley's lifelong fascination with jewelry can be traced back to a childhood spent rummaging through her grandmother's jewelry chest. For generations, Johanna's family has been collecting lucky stones with natural holes because hole stones are believed to be symbols of good luck. As a child, Johanna made numerous jewelry pieces incorporating lucky stones only to discover that over time, the real stones would crack and break



Lucky Stones can be found on beaches all over the world, have influenced Johanna's jewellery design since childhood, forming the basis for her first collection in sterling silver. These "lucky stones" continue to play a role in her jewellery design, which has grown to include the Confetti Collection, Bridal, and countless custom and one-of-a-kind pieces fashioned in both sterling silver and gold. She has spent the last several years expanding her gold collection in particular, taking inspiration from nature, film, literature, travel, gemstones, and art.

Intention and Creation


"Each item is crafted by hand using quality materials. Johanna's silver pieces are crafted from sterling silver, while her gold pieces are created from Fairmined gold sourced from South American mines, including artisanal small mines (ASM). Additionally, Johanna utilizes post-consumer diamonds and ethically-sourced gemstones. All diamonds boast full faceting, with clarity ranging from SI to VS unless specified otherwise."

Lucky in Love

"As a young girl, Johanna would search the beaches of Lake Winnipeg in Gimli, Manitoba for stones with natural holes known to be lucky. She found a stone with a natural shape of a heart in the centre and Lucky in Love was born. Now, Johanna replicates the shape for you to share with your loved ones!"

Lucky Stones

"These stones have natural holes in them and are known to be lucky. Johanna creates a mold replica of each stone then casts the mold in precious metal. This process brings strength and durability to the organic shapes and creates charms of long-lasting luck and good fortune."

The Silver Collection

The silver collection showcases the origins of Johanna Brierley Jewelry Design. The collection contains some of the first pieces Johanna ever conceived and represents the classic, timeless nature of her work. 

Melt Cuffs

Wear these stunning one-of-a-kind statement pieces alone or add it to your bracelet stack! Squeeze the cuff together to give it a tighter fit.



"Sprinkle some fun into your everyday outfits with our pearl-inspired collection! From funky tees to denim staples, jazz up your style with pearls for a touch of everyday elegance and a whole lot of flair."


"For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together." ~ Van Gogh


The Gold Collection is a significant development in the evolution of Johanna Brierley Jewelry Design. Working with gold exemplifies the breadth of her experience as a goldsmith.  Gold is aspirational yet organic. With that in mind, Johanna creates a collection that represents contemporary life and style and the result is a collection that is modern yet timeless.

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