Woash Wellness Spicy Chai Tea
Woash Wellness Spicy Chai Tea
Woash Wellness Spicy Chai Tea

Woash Wellness Spicy Chai Tea

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Digestif | Circulation | Anti-inflammatory | Energize

Spice up your daily cup with this bold and rewarding approach to traditional chai. Staying true to its roots this blend supports overall health, aids digestion and increases circulation. 


SERVINGS:  12-14 cups / 40 g 

Organic Ingredients:

Organic Assam Black Tea - Origin India
Has been used for centuries for its stimulating and antioxidant rich properties. We can't ignore the subtle benefits we receive from the simple act of making a cup of tea, a few intentional moments of relaxation and connection among our over-stimulated culture.

Organic Cinnamon - Origin Sri Lanka
An aromatic and antioxidant stimulant that can awaken the senses and tastes sweet on the taste buds.

Organic Ginger - Origin Sri Lanka
A warming and stimulating herb that has been used to move energy throughout the body and decrease sluggishness.

Organic Chili Flakes - Origin India
Are high in antioxidants that may help to reduce oxidative stress within the body.

Organic Cloves - Origin Sri Lanka
A comforting spice that may relieve and support our immunity with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Black Pepper - Origin Sri Lanka
Once known as black gold for its strong digestive supporting properties, helping to absorb nutrients, packed with antioxidant, antimicrobial, antispasmodic properties and on top of all that its stimulating properties to move stagnant fluids throughout the body. 

Organic Fennel Seeds - Origin Egypt
These aromatic seeds hold anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve gas and digestive spasms by relaxing the muscles in our intestine. 

Organic Cardamom - Origin India
A warm and cozy spice that contains Vitamin C, antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. 


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