Woash Wellness Digest Tea
Woash Wellness Digest Tea
Woash Wellness Digest Tea

Woash Wellness Digest Tea

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Digestif | Balancing | Stimulating | Soothing | Bloating

A refreshing tea of crisp mint balanced with a blend of bitter sweet herbs designed to stimulate the digestive system, calm discomfort and support natural digestion. Great to sip before a meal to prepare the system with ease.


SERVINGS:  14 - 18 cups / 30 g

Organic Ingredients:

Organic Peppermint - Origin Egypt
Known for its calming properties within the stomach and digestive tract. It relaxes muscles within the stomach and is the lead ingredient that may improve cramps, bloating, nausea and indigestion in this blend.

Organic Fennel seeds - Origin Egypt
These aromatic seeds hold anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve gas and digestive spasms by relaxing the muscles in our intestine. 

Organic Blackcurrant - Origin USA
Known to promote healthy bacteria in the gut and stimulates blood flow throughout the body, which is so crucial for our digestive tract. 

Organic Chamomile - Origin Sri Lanka
Our favourite anti-inflammatory herb to help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. It’s also known to serve as a preventative measure against issues like diarrhea and irritations from food intolerances, IBS, cramps and gas.

Organic Licorice Root - Origin Egypt
A sweet, safe and totally natural laxative that’s also known for supporting slow digestion. 

 Organic Marshmallow Root - Origin USA
Soothes the digestive tract by creating a protective coating on our stomach lining. That’s what makes this blend perfect for sipping before a meal –– it preps it to digest what we’re about to eat and prevents discomfort from any pesky food intolerances.



Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before consuming.

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