Pure Essentials Balance Exfoliating Mask

Pure Essentials Balance Exfoliating Mask

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Pure Essentials Balance Exfoliating Mask for Oily/Acne Prone Skin.

Pure Essential’s Exfoliating Mask for oily/acne prone skin is a gentle facial exfoliant that helps to balance the skin. Using brown rice flour, bentonite clay and Australian pink clay, this exfoliator will not only help to remove dead skin cells but will also help to extract dirt and grime from your pores. Botanicals such as aspen bark, olive leaf, dulse and green tea provide trace vitamins and minerals while silk peptides provide amino acids to help rebuild the skin, making you look and feel your best. 


Step 1: Mix Approximately 1-2 Tsp Of Powder With 1/2 Tsp Of Water To Form A Smooth Paste. Add A Few Drops Of Facial Serum For Extra Hydration.

Step 2: Apply To Face In Gentle Circular Motions, Avoiding Eye Area.

Step 3: After Exfoliation, Allow It To Sit For 5- 20 Min

Step 4: Rinse Off With A Warm Cloth.

To Act Only As An Exfoliant, use Steps 1, 2 and 4. For Best Results, Follow With Hydrating Toner And Balance Facial Serum. For deeper cleansing results, add step 3 into your routine once a week.

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, Australian Pink Clay, Bentonite Clay, Pineapple, Dulse, Olive Leaf, Aspen Bark, Green Tea, Silk Peptides, and Pure Joy


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