Poppy Mug R
Poppy Mug R
Poppy Mug R

Poppy Mug R

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Little Sisters Pottery handcrafted coffee mug with Poppy and Foliage Design.

Little Sisters Pottery is a collection of ceramics inspired by rhythm, pattern, and landscape, both wild and cultivated. Each piece is original and conveys a sense of elegance, but also wonder and playfulness. Often reflecting the natural theatre of wind-whipped grasses, turbulent skies, or melting ice and snow. Dawn is drawn to imagery that concerns change: growth, erosion, order, and disorder. She loves how making pottery allows her to work in series, giving her the freedom to fully develop ideas and work on a variety of designs. 

approx. dimensions
glass height: 4 inches
opening width: 3.5 inches
handle width opening: 1.5 inches

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