"Raven" by Hollow Tree Candles

"Raven" by Hollow Tree Candles

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“Splendor Sine Occasu” Splendour Without Diminishment 

1871: Hollow Tree’s 1871 series evokes the scents during an era of 1800’s where the pioneers and prospectors trekked throughout British Columbia arriving from San Francisco on their way to the Klondike where tales of mountains of gold awaited them. Where lumberjacks toiled from dawn to dusk, and the Raven graced the skies as ghost upon the forest floors, while Voyageurs paddled their canoes to Hudson Bay Forts with trading goods such as tobacco. This province was becoming what we know today, Beautiful British Columbia.

Nature Notes:

BC joined confederation in 1871. Ushered in by its Father of Confederation: Amor De Cosmos, Amor negotiated that British Columbia would join the Dominion of Canada only if the Railroad was built to the Pacific Ocean. The Railroad was paramount and historical for the Dominion of Canada and it took 10 years to reach the Pacific Ocean. Amor was a pioneer in that he also created the first forestry, farming and fisheries policies in 1872. It was British Columbia's first land-use and environmental policy. 

Top Notes:

Lumberjack: santal | fir needle | cedar resin
Voyageur: tobacco | apple | black pepper
mahogany | cognac | leather
lavender | salal | cedarwood 
bay leaves | juniper | balsam resin

Made in Canada, Hollow Tree Co. is a life of endless discovery through the art of scent.

Hollow Tree’s candles were created not only in the hope of expressing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but also in preservation of it and the rest of the world. 

Wax: Coconut
Burntime: 60 hours
Oils: Plant Distilled, Non-Synthetic
Packaging: Recycled/able

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