Flore Foret De Petrichor Eau de Parfum

Flore Foret De Petrichor Eau de Parfum

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Riding bareback, let the dark horse lead you to whispers of ancient knowledge of resilient desert flora that has withstood the harshest of climates and struggles.  The connection and fusion of the great beast with its notes of sweaty smooth suede skin and jammy French hay. A blend of grounding sacred rich heartwoods of Palo Santo, Juniper & Pinyon Pine, embracing narcotic dark florals of jasmine & tuberose,  herbaceous, honeyed clary sage & tobacco, dirty sexy figs, animalic and boozy cassis all rounded out by sandalwoods.  Inspired & perfectly paired with our Juniper & Sage Spirit water.

These Eau de Parfums' are a blend of local * wildcrafted, hydro distilled essences, essential oils, absolutes & extracts in a base of a special perfumers' alcohol. Blending beautifully with your own body chemistry to create a scent unique to you.

Size: 15ml


Ingredients: Yuzu, Grapefruit peel imortelle, Alpine pinyon pine, White flowers of Ylang ylang , Tuberose , Jasmine, Clary sage flower and leaf, Black current buds, blood ceadar wood , Juniper heartwood , Guaiac wood, French hay, Sandalwood, Labdanum resin, Tobacco leaf, Immortelle flower resin, Botanical leather accord , Antique grey ambergrs.


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