Flore Coeur Du Bois Parfum

Flore Coeur Du Bois Parfum

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An Eau de Parfum of the of the mysterious forest floor after the first summer rain. The scent of joy and awakening….connecting with earth and all its’ magic! 

These Eau de Parfums' are a blend of locally *wild crafted, hydro distilled essences, essential oils, absolutes & extracts in a base of a special perfumers' alcohol. Blending beautifully with your own body chemistry to create a scent unique to you.

Size: 15ML 


POPLAR BUDS - wild crafted poplar buds infused in oil. Also know as Balm of Gilead. An old world balm that  has been used since ancient times for inflammation, soothing skin, eliminating pain, speeding up healing of scars and detoxifying the body.  

PINE SAP - Antimicrobial antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  A valuable topical application to help stave off infection in scrapes and wounds.

PROPOLIS-  Soothes and protects itchy, dry, cracked skin. The ancients were known for using propolis in their mummies and  for its wound- and tumor-healing abilities.  

FRANKINCENSE RESIN- warming, anti-inflammatory, expanding and brightening the perspective, and promote heightened feelings of spirituality and well being. Eases the breath physically and emotionally, lifting feelings of heaviness and tightness from the chest. Calming and strengthening to both mind and heart, uplifting, aids in meditation and concentration, and is an aphrodisiac.

MYRRH -  Grounding and centering. It has been used since ancient times to help alleviate fear, sorrow and pain both physical and emotional. It also aids in arthritis, asthma, athlete's foot, bronchitis, dry cracked skin, eczema, mature skin, ringworm, fungal infections, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite, , menstrual problems, voice loss & wounds

ASHWAGANDA - anti-stress herb with curative, relaxing, preventive, restorative  properties, supporting an energetic and rejuvenating sense of well-being.

MIMOSA WAX- An emollient of beautifully scented yellow spring Mimosa flowers.

BEESWAX- Local mountain beeswax.  With nectar notes of fir trees, wildflowers, salad & fireweed. Acts as an emollient and a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it in.


Protected in violet glass and black box.

Ingredients: Violet leaves, Angellica seed, Olbinum resin, Fower of water lilly, Jasmine, Rose , Ylang ylang, Cucumber water extract, Cassie, Iris roots, Ambertte, Mitti attar, Spikedard, Pachouli leaves, vetiver grass , Agarwood , Tree "coeur" Absolute & Benzoin resin.

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